Our Goat’s Milk Ice Cream FLAVOURS

Udderly Ridiculous Goat’s Milk Ice Cream is made from the finest ingredients we can find from around the world, and also as locally as possible – like the Ontario goat's milk and cream we use as the base for all our fabulous flavours – it's the inspiration for what we make. Our recipes are free from chemical additives, preservatives and artificial flavours and colours (this is why our ice creams are not bright unnatural hues - only the colour of the ingredients they are prepared with).



Vanilla is no longer bland and boring, and why should it be? Vanilla is one of the most complex flavours and ice creams - it should have center stage not be buried under a mountain of sugary sauces. Starting with fresh Ontario goat milk, cream and curd and a base of sweetness we blend in Madagascar bourbon vanilla with their beans and then perfectly marry it with a subtle undertone of English Lavender sourced from Apple Hill Lavender farm. Although it can still accompany the likes of pie, and be slathered in berry sauces, why would you?


wine & dark chocolate

It is amazing how tastes mature as you age (and the things you utilize for stress relief when you have 4 teenage boys)! A sweet indulgence (and for those pull my hair out moments) for me has become a glass of full bodied smooth Red Wine and a small piece of good dark chocolate… taking a bite of the chocolate, getting it to just the right temperature as you sip and swirl the red wine releasing all of the flavours of that heavenly combination ... Who has time for that anymore??! In this decadent ice cream, we have brought both worlds together. Working with a sweet cream base including fresh Ontario goat milk and cream and curd, we bring together dutch cocoa with exquisite 74% bittersweet chocolate infused with Ontario VQA Merlot wine. Go ahead, indulge because you want to, or because you just need a little “time out” and some peace and quiet. I get it.


lemon cream

On a whirlwind trip to Italy for Greg’s 40th birthday we were introduced to Italian Gelato. We would make a daily stop for this treat, I became addicted to a combination - a scoop of lemon and a scoop of yogurt Gelato - to die for. I went through Gelato withdrawl when we returned unable to find this combination anywhere…. until now. This ice cream is a beautiful blend of creamy and tart rolled onto one spoon! We make a sweet base containing fresh Ontario Goat milk, cream and curd, then blend in real lemon juice to create a perfect balance of sweet and tart fresh lemon taste . Now you don’t have to go to Italy to experience my favorite combination - you’re welcome.


coffee & craft brew

I confess, I don’t drink beer and I could never addict myself to coffee… however I love my husband who enjoys both and so this ice cream is a little love note to him and might be the only way I ever enjoy both of these drinks! This is such a special brew, our sweet base made with fresh Ontario Goat milk, cream and curd perfectly paired with an Coffee Beer Craft Brewed in Ontario. It boasts both flavours without being overpowering. So if you can’t tell whether it is time for a coffee or a beer, grab a pint and cover all your bases!



So many people are into the smoothie craze mixed with green this, and kale that… I give them credit but I just can’t seem to get them down. When I reach for a smoothie, I think fresh flavours a little tart and a little sweet and absolutely refreshing - my go to base Mangos and Peaches. So I thought to myself - self this would be a great light refreshing ice cream - and here it is. This ice cream is made with our sweet base made with fresh Ontario Goat milk, cream and curd and blended with real peach and mango purees to have the sweet and tangy smoothie feel. I apologize to kale lovers, I am just not ready to go there yet!




Pumpkin is a sure sign of fall in Ontario, and pumpkin pies are a signal of harvest, connection and family. For me, this goes even deeper to my kitchen motto – I don’t love to cook, I cook to love. My Gramma Garry embedded this love of good food, quality ingredients and togetherness into me at a young age, she taught me how to bake, drink tea from a real china cup and play a mean game of cribbage. And her pies were always to die for. This ice cream is dedicated to my Gramma, and all the Gramma’s who pour into the next generation their passions, talents, wisdom and love. This ice cream has a beautiful silky layered effect, starting with our sweet base made with fresh Ontario Goat milk, cream and curd we blend in real pumpkin and mixture of just the right spices to make it perfect… all that’s missing is a crust.