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Udderly Ridiculous Goat’s Milk Ice Cream is growing each week - check our where to buy page link below for locations near you. If you would like to get in touch simply fill out the form below and one of our team will be in touch within 24-48 hours. We look forward to hearing from you!

Frequently asked questions: Below are answers to frequent questions we get asked:

  1. Q: Is Udderly Ridiculous ice cream dairy & lactose free? A: No, goat milk is still considered dairy - if you have a dairy allergy you should not consume goat milk without approval from your Dr. Goat milk contains less lactose and 89% less Alpha S1 Casein than cow’s milk. People with lactose intolerance and sensitivities can typically consume goat milk without the pain, bloating and other issues cow milk causes them. (click here to learn more about goat milk benefits).

  2. Q: Is Udderly Ridiculous ice cream gluten and nut free? A: All of our recipes are nut free, and all of our recipes except our Coffee Craft Brew (it contains real beer) are gluten free. HOWEVER - the facility we manufacture in is not 100% gluten free or nut free, so there is a small chance of cross contamination. The facility has wash down protocols in place and typically makes our batches before other ice cream to minimize risk.

  3. Q: Is Udderly Ridiculous ice cream Vegan and Keto friendly? A: No, our ice cream is made with dairy, and does contain sugar/carbohydrates.

  4. Q: Is Udderly Ridiculous ice cream low sugar? A: Our ice cream contains organic cane sugar and is similar to other premium ice creams. The lowest sugar content is contained in our Peachy Mango Tangy and the Highest in our Merlot Wine & Dark Chocolate. You can view ingredient lists and nutritional facts tables under our flavours on the “Learn more” button. Note: we will be updating our nutritional facts tables and ingredient list soon - as we have eliminated glucose from our recipe.

  5. Q: Why don’t you use Stevia? A: We are committed to an all natural product without being chemically processed and at this time there isn’t enough compelling information on Stevia to consider it. Ice cream requires many elements for proper freezing, scoopability, creaminess, texture and flavour and we have not yet had the opportunity to experiment on the effect of a product like Stevia on our recipe. We may be open to this in the future, but at this time we will continue with our current recipe.

  6. Q: How many goats do you have on your farm and can we visit? A: We have approximately 1500 in our herd. Our farm and barns are not set up for agri-tourism and lots of visitors. We are very conscious about our animals health, their well being (they like their routines and the people they are used to) and bio-security (Dirt, debris and contaminants can be carried by people’s shoes - especially those who have visited farms and this can affect the health of the animals and put them at risk of being exposed to something their immune systems are not used to - think about it like this - if you have never had chicken pox and then a visitor came to your home carrying the virus you would contract the virus - which may put your health in considerable risk).

  7. Q: Do you single source (only make the ice cream from milk on your farm)? A: No, we care about all Ontario goat dairy farmers benefiting from us bringing a product to market. We ship out our milk, and then buy back milk, cream and curd. All of our milk, cream and curd is from Ontario goat dairy farms.

  8. Q: Is your ice cream Organic? A: Our product is all natural but it is not certified organic. In order to be considered organic every goat farm, and every ingredient we source would also need to be confirmed organic, which at this time is impossible to certify.

  9. Q: You list carob bean gum, guar gum, sodium alginate and agar in your ingredients - what is this and why do you use it? A: These are all natural, plant based stabilizers. We need to list all 4 for labelling requirements, but it is not 4X the amount - we use a proprietary blend of these which makes up less than 2% of the overall recipe. Stabilizer ensures smaller ice crystalization, especially under conditions where the ice cream is not consumed immediately - ice cream may need to go from the plant to a cold facility, to then retailers on a truck and then into their freezers which get open and closed constantly. Stabilizer offers some protection from this fluctuation in temperature so if the product temperature changes where it gets a little warmer and then colder again ice crystals are not becoming larger. Click here for a great article on the science and ingredient chemistry of ice cream.

  10. Q: Can we order online or get it in the US? A: Ice cream can be shipped, but it is extremely costly as specialized containers and dry ice are required. We are not yet in the US and we do not take online orders for individual shipment due to cost.

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