"We believe in laughter, celebration, friendship and special moments..."

We believe there should be more joy in the world and that memories matter. We believe in people together – this is what motivates us. It is why we make the perfect accompaniment to memories - Goat Milk Ice Cream. We also believe in using the best possible ingredients, starting with goat's milk straight from the farm, to craft an ice cream that puts a smile on your face and makes your stomach say - "thank you!" 



What goes better with celebrations and memory-making than Goat Milk Ice Cream?! We believe as many people as possible should have the opportunity to enjoy our ice cream – which is why Goat Milk excites us – it’s higher in nutrients and lower in lactose meaning more goodness in each spoonful. Those who are lactose sensitive can typically consume goat milk without issues – now there's something to celebrate!


We know that if you want great-tasting ice cream you must start with exceptional, real ingredients. Period.


We honour the idea that each person we interact with is a partner. This means our team members, our suppliers, our vendors, retailers and especially our customers. With this mindset  we work to make each other better. We are open to new ideas and insights, products and flavours. 
We strive to operate out of integrity, inclusiveness and respect.



We believe that great customer service (like common sense) is a rare thing to find. We are Ridiculously passionate about creating an environment that educates, serves and delights the senses.


We have a responsibility to be good stewards for the people, animals, land, and the positions we've been entrusted with. That’s why we believe in sustainable farming practices, in supporting local where possible, in giving back and being a blessing to others. We use milk from our farm, as well as other Ontario Dairy Goat farms, so we are supporting the industry – not just ourselves. We want to be a part of creating opportunities for flourishing rural communities. It is also why we donate a percentage of our proceeds, through World Vision with our Gift a Goat™ program, to purchase goats for women and families looking to build independence in third world countries.