Buttertarts and Udderly Ridiculous Vanilla Bean Lavender Ice Cream


We recently attended two events in one weekend - the Applehill Lavender Festival (where our delectable English Lavender is lovingly grown) and the Niagara Buttertart Festival (what could be more Canadian than buttertarts?!!). Suddenly an inspirational lightbulb emerged in my head (for those of you that have watched “despicable Me” think ”Lightbullbbb” said by Gru…. - for those of you that haven’t just google it..). How incredible would it be to pair Canadian Buttertarts with our smooth Udderly Ridiculous Vanilla Bean Lavender … so we set out to snag a few buttertarts to test out this theory.

I ended up having to hide 2 (and then threaten severe consequences of locating and eating said tarts) just to get photos as the boys dove into the box of ooey gooey sweet tarts like they hadn’t eaten in a month.

I am excited to announce that it was fabulous…. a must try - the picture certainly doesn’t do it justice. Just the right amount of crust, filling and then the smooth Madagascar Vanilla Bean with that flowery lavender that cut right through the sweetness of the buttertart filling.

Need more homemade buttertarts..… so I signed up to be at another festival - The Great Canadian Buttertart Festival in Paris, ON Sept 21!

Leaving now…. see you on the other side!